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The principals at Elevation Logistics have 30 plus years of Transportation Industry experience.  As the former owners of Paramount Tour Transportation, Inc., they operated over 50 trucks and trailers throughout North America.

They handled tours for Zoom 7, George Strait, Kenny Chesney, NetWorks, CAMI, AVW Freeman and many other clients. 

We have the experience and the knowledge in the specialized transportation, entertainment shipping and touring markets to start and complete your project without incident.​


As an agent for Tantara Transportation Group, Inc., Elevation Logistics offers a full asset based option for entertainment trucking, concert tour trucking,  specialized shipping and more.  We also have partnerships with multiple 

specialists for local, regional, nationwide, and international shipping.  For more details, see our Services.


We combine creative thinking with total dedication to our clients, taking pride in providing the best solution to your projects.


We are a 24/7, 100% client focused company. 

Let us know how we can serve you in your transportation needs.   

Email us NOW to get a quote

for YOUR Specialized Transportation need!

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Photo by Hugo Ramos on Unsplash




1. the action or fact of raising or lifting to higher position or being elevated.​

2. The action or fact of raising to a more important or impressive level

What do we mean by elevating customer service?

Anyone can ship freight, but we specialize in shipping your freight like it is our own.  We are with you every step of the way.  Whether it's your entire lights and sound system for a tour, the sets and costumes of a Broadway show, or your inventory and displays for a convention, by taking the best care of you and your shipment, we take specialized shipping to the next level.

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